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Founded in 2010, MERY is the fashion brand of designer Mery Racauchi. Mery was born in Argentina and studied fashion design before becoming internationally recognized as one of the foremost designers of her generation. Mery's brand is now based in New York City in the heart of SoHo where she regularly connects with other top designers.

Mery began making clothes and shoes by hand which created a personalized, quirky, and very human design aesthetic that still informs her products today. She draws inspiration from travel, vintage fashion trends, and music like glam rock and pop.

Her themes include bright colors (usually pink!), glitter, sequins, using fabric in unexpected places, magically comfortable heels, and unique hardware accents that convey a sense of whimsy and fun.

Mery's signature design is her elegant pink-soled shoes, known for being fashion forward without giving up the perfect fit. All of Mery's shoes are individually crafted with details such as hand-sewn leather, painted elements, and embroidery to give each pair its own personality.

"Visionary Designs"

Mery's designs are rebellious and rule-breaking but most of all lighthearted and fun.

They appear as if from a magical world where the ordinary standards of reality disappear and are replaced by a singularly unique creative vision.

Mery has a talent for predicting trends and popularizing designs which has created a global audience for her brand.

Ten Things About Mery

10 things you probably don’t know about me – 10 cosas que probablemente no sabes sobre mi

  1. Naci en Argentina / I was born in Argentina
  2. Tengo 26 años / Im 26 year old
  3. Desayuno yogurt de coco con arandanos todas las mañanas / I have coconut yogurt and blueberrys for breakfast everyday
  4. Soy Licenciada en Diseño de indumentaria y calzado / I have a degree in fashion and shoe design
  5. Amo el verano / I love summer
  6. Escribo con la mano izquierda / Im left handed
  7. Tengo un ojo azul y uno verde / I have a blue eye and a green eye
  8. Tengo tres perros, un Ovejero Alemán, un Galgo y uno pequeño que luce como un cachorro de Labrador / I have three dogs, a German shepard, a Greyhound and a little one that looks like a Labrador puppy
  9. Pilates es mi ejercicio favorito / My fav workout is Pilates
  10. Todos los diseños de mi marca de zapatos MERY @merybymery los hago en computadora / I do all the shoe designs of my brand @merybymery with my computer
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Mery Racauchi International
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Rye, NY 10580
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